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Nombre de la aplicación Yourhour Apk
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  • Licencia: gratis
  • Sistema Operativo: Android

To deliver the best 'yourhour experience' to you, here is the new update to increase the app performance and fixed some annoying bugs over the last update. Yourhour android latest 2.0.7 apk download and install. The app keeps a track on your “total screen on time” & “total phone unlock count” and thereby, gives a comparative infograph of your past 7.


Requisitos e información adicional:

  • Requisitos mínimos del sistema operativo: Android 4.0 +
  • Ofrece compras integradas.
  • Instrucciones para instalar XAPKs en Android.

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Do đó, người dùng có. It is developed by mindefy labs, a web developing company. Yourhour apk has many wonderful features that help users be mindful of the time they are spending on their phones.

Do you think things are really that serious? Curated digital wellbeing manager to help you beat smartphone addiction Curated digital wellbeing manager to help you beat smartphone addiction.

It keeps a track on usage time & “unlock count & thereby, gives a. The application provided by mindefy labs targets anyone who wants to beat smartphone addiction and improve their digital wellbeing. The goal spots know your level of addiction!


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