AI for Social Good:

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Keywords: Computational Social Science, Statsitical Analyusis, Hypothesis testing, Explainable Machine learning, Inference, Hypothesis Testing, Multi-modal Analysis, Data Visualization, ML, NLP, Statistical analysis, Mental Health, Regression, ANOVA, Correlation, Hypothesis Testing, Image processing, Facial Analysis

[2] Contextual Tensor Fusion Model for Multimodal Mental Health Analysis.
Keywords: Graph Convolutions Neural network, Multi-modal Analysis, Contextual Embedding, Deep Neural Network, Computational Social Science, Statistical analysis, Social Network Analysis

[3] Geography of depression: Where in U.S. people are showing depressive behavior? Keywords: Graph Convolutional Neural Network, Language Modeling, Text classification, Location inference, Correlation analysis, Big data, Elastic Search

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[5] Mental Health Analysis Via Social Media Data, IEEE ICHI 2018

Twitris 3.0- Sentiment Analysis for Analyzing Presidential Election:
Challenges of sentiment analysis for dynamic events. Develop state-of-the-art deep /machine learning to monitor/study user’s sentiment during US 2016 presidential election.


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